platau is a collaborative platform of architects operating in the fields of design, architecture, landscape and urbanism.

Our portfolio includes projects and research in the Middle East, Asia, Europe and the United States, ranging in scale from installations to mixed-use buildings to strategic visions.

platau uses design research, critical thinking and intensive communication to create projects that are adaptable to the needs of their users and environments, as well as their evolution over time.

We investigate architecture as a medium that allows new ways of inhabitation, encouraging the interaction between usage, context, materiality and form to shape the design logics and outcomes of each project.

We consider architecture as a part of a whole, and reflect on such connectedness by pursuing parallel tracks of inquiry; like craft and geography.  As such, each project’s embodies formal attitudes that alternate between its internal systems and the way it inscribes in its larger order.

Through ongoing initiatives with municipalities, we draw on our diverse expertise, analysis and best practices to articulate strategic visions with a holistic dimension; integrating people, economy, ecology, infrastructural and natural systems.

In each case, we aspire to reinvent how public spaces and cities are accessed, perceived and experienced and the way they integrate socially, physically and economically in their expanded territory. 

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