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01 May, 2016

Rethinking Zgharta - Call for Participation

“Rethinking Zgharta” is a 3 days workshop dedicated to discuss and develop integrated strategies for the city of Zgharta. This comes at a point in time where the city of Zgharta is facing numerous challenges, notably the pressure on its infrastructure and natural resources, unplanned urban growth, and the dire need to reinvent itself as a livable and diverse city.

“Rethinking Zgharta” welcomes applications from students and professional in architecture | landscape architecture | engineering | planning| economy |geography | agriculture | food science| marketing and business | social sciences| art and activism

The 3-day program will include:
public talks by platau and a mix of experts,
public round tables with municipal officials, and 
five working groups that require preliminary application ( deadline extended until June 3) .

How to apply

The organizing team will select 40 participants, on the basis on the candidates’ professional capabilities, their experience on similar topics and their interest.
To participate, interested students and professionals should send an email to :,
with one single PDF document (file name: SURNAME_first name) containing the following elements: 
Resume (1 page)
Work Sample (5 pages) 
Statement of interest (100 words)- that explains the nature of interest in participating in the workshop, relevant skills and experiences.

Extended Deadline for Registration: June 3, 2016
Selected participants will be notified on June 5.