Boulos Douaihy is the co-founder and managing director of platau. He holds a DES in Architecture from the Lebanese University and a  Master in "Environment et Amenagement du Territoire" from the Universite St Joseph. Boulos brings to platau his experience in the design and execution of projects of various types and scales as well as a multidisciplinary approach to architecture, involving domains that vary from geography and sociology to parametric design and art installations.
Sandra Frem is the co-founder of platau. She received an Master of Science in Architectural Studies from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in 2009, where she was the recipient of the SMArchS award and a DES in Architecture from the Lebanese University in 2004. She is interested in exploring the relationship between architecture and its different mediums at multiple scales, in an multidisciplinary lens. In parallel, Sandra is engaged in academic teaching and design research in architecture and territories. She is currently a lecturer in Architecture at the American University of Beirut, and a program officer in Resilient Byblos, an initiative that is part of the 100 Resilient Cities program.
Romeo Chahine is the co-founder of platau. He holds a DES in Architecture from the Lebanese University.  Romeo has an extensive experience in the design, development, execution and management of a wide range of projects. Throughout his career, Romeo has focused on design attitudes that push the limits of local technologies, building codes and construction methods for a renewed interpretation of program,form and spatial experience.
Samir Bitar is an architect at platau. He holds a Bachelor of Architecture from the Lebanese American University in 2014. He worked with Hashim Sarkis Studios before joining platau in 2016. Samir is currently completing his Masters in Landscape Architecture and Environment at the Lebanese University.


Joe Lteif ( 2018)

Ralph Khoury ( 2018)

Victor Bou Diwan ( 2018)

Georges Souaid ( 2018)

Yara Frangieh ( 2018)

Rudy Malouhy ( 2018)

Caline El Khoury ( 2017)

Gaelle Fenianos ( 2017)

Jorge Nader (2017)

Elie Saad (2017)

Edmond-Mickel Rahme ( 2017)

Samar Samad (2016-2017)

Desiree Abboud (2016- 2017)

Chimene Ayoub (2016-2017)

Joe Hatem (2016)

Hala Masri (2016)

David Andos (2015)

Rackelle Tabcharany (2015)

Katia Chehayeb (2015)

Rim El Fatayri (2015)