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15 July, 2015

"Transforming Nahr Beirut: from an Obsolete Infrastructure to an Infrastructural Landscape" published

Sandra published a book chapter on the projective design research done on the Beirut River in the book Urban Design in the Arab World edited by Prof. Robert Saliba and published at Ashgate. The chapter TRANS [FORMING] NAHR BEIRUT is a project that rethinks the river as infrastructure and public space, addressing broader critical challenges in Beirut: water shortage, lack of public space, urban and ecological fragmentation. Through the deployment of small-scale water treatment and reclamation networks, the project proposes a transformative process of Nahr Beirut into an ecological corridor that harvests/grows water for the city. The result would be a soft infrastructural landscape that combines performative aspects like water purification, water reclamation and enhanced mobility with opportunities for public space. the chapter argues that the interdisciplinary approach used in this project- coupling infrastructural strategies with social and urban solutions – is a powerful method; relevant for the Arab world where water resources are limited and most often contested. more on the project here